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Shenanegan will soon be fishing for Spot Prawns

They will be available by order only.

To order email us at shenfishing@gmail.com or call Harry at 541 290 6946.

They will be on sale for $18.00 per lb. alive. The way it will work is we will go out and catch, filling orders, and will notify you preferrably by phone when to come down to the boat and pick them up. we will be adhereing to all the states requirements for self distencing, frequent hand washing, and wiping surfaces with bleech sanatizer. we will need to know how many lbs. and please leave your contact number. we will try to arrange safe, and orderly pick up at the boat moored in Charleston Oregon. slip D 33. Keep in mind we keep these Prawns alive. So cannot sit on your order more then a day, or two. Good luck to all, and please stay healthy. Harry Allen

A Catch Above the Rest

Premium wild caught Albacore Tuna, canned at Peak of Season and Freshness. we can our Fall Fish only, when they are the highest in Omega 3 acids and Proteins while they feed on Anchovies and other bait fish on their yearly migratory cycle in Oregon’s Coastal waters. We take pride in the fish we catch and process from beginning to end, “FROM BOAT TO YOU”. Our fish are packed in their own juices, with just a pinch of sea salt added, no draining required!

We are MSC certified!

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